SunSationalSummer Challenge is BACK!

Yes! I said it!

The #SunSationalSummer2021 Challenge is here! I am so excited! Last summer, teachers across the country and the WORLD (some as far as Japan and Australia) participated in my two week self-care challenge! This year it is back and better than ever! I hope you’ll join me!

Whether you’re on social media or not, this challenge was designed by me to get YOU thinking about truly relaxing and enjoying your summer! What teachers loved about this last year, was the novel, JOYFUL ways to celebrate and experience summer each day. I started this challenge last year to make sure I had some very intentional time away from work and away from conference time! I so hope you’ll join me for ALL or part of the challenge!

If you’d like to watch a video of me talking about each day of the challenge, and just hear how EXCITED I am about it all, just click here!

The challenge itself starts Monday the 21st, later than last year. I wanted to make sure as many teachers were “off” as possible before starting, but also allow time before “conference” season starts for us to squeeze in lots of summer fun! Below, I’ve provided a break down of each day so that you can plan ahead! I know that if you have children like me, some of these days you’ll want to do something “with” them, while others you may want to ask your partner or a friend to watch the kiddos so you can participate by yourself!

Now, if you’re on social media, feel free to share your experiences each day. (AGAIN, you can participate in this even without ANY social media platforms!!!) You can do this in your Instagram or Facebook posts, or your stories (which disappear in 24 hours). If you use the hashtag #SunSationalSummer2021 you’ll be able to see what other teachers like you are doing on the same day all around the country! (it’s also ok if your account is private, people won’t see your posts, but you can still use the hashtag!) You can search last year’s hashtag #SunSationalSummer2020 to see all the fun we had last summer and get excited about this year!

If you’d like really simple reminders about the next day, you can sign up for texts from me. They’ll come straight to your phone once a day, and I will not use it after the challenge is over. Just click below to be taken to sign up.

My hope is that this challenge will encourage you to disconnect from work, in a REAL way, and focus on re-filling your cup, physically, mentally, and emotionally!

So excited to experience summer with you! Let me know in the comments below if you’ll be joining me and let me know if you have any questions!

Sending lots of LOVE and positive energy!

Until next time,

La Maestra Loca

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