Ten Day Brain Break Challenge!


I have been planning this for quite some time! I decided to save it for April because I think it seems to be the month that always drags on FOREVER!

I will keep this blog short and sweet. I am inviting you and your students to do a 10 day Brain Break challenge. Each day, you’ll have access to a YouTube video where I will teach y’all one of my absolute FAVE Brain Breaks! Some of them maybe new to you, and others may be old, but regardless, it will be fun to have a crazy “guest teacher” every day! haha! If nothing else you should get a kick out of my awkward video faces!

As you work your way through this challenge, I encourage you and your kids to tag me in photos or videos on social media, or send me emails with their JOY! We all need a little boost for the end of the year! If this is something you’re super excited about but you just can’t do right now, then put it in your pocket and save it for later! You can even download it now and save it for next year!

I am SO excited to spend some time with you and your students!

To join the challenge, just click here! (if you’re on my email list, just check your inbox! I sent you this on Monday!)

Have fun!

Until next time,

HAPPY TEACHING (and Brain Breaking!)

and remember to stay happy, stay safe, stay sane!


La Maestra Loca


      1. ¡Hola!

        I am very excited about this challenge and signed up on April 15. I confirmed my subscription and have been receiving other emails since then … but still nothing brain-break related. Did I miss something? I have re-read every “La Maestra Loca” email I have received in the last two months and none of them are brain-break related.

      2. Where is the link? I still don’t have/can’t find the pdf with all the links. :-/ Starting back soon. Thank you!

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