An Inspiring, Authentic Podcast For World Language Teachers

I was talking about my podcast with a colleague today and realized mid-conversation that I haven’t actually blogged about my newest adventure as a podcaster! Where to begin?

I was inspired by my business coach, Alissa McDonald, to start one. I love hers! It’s The Teacher Hustle Podcast, you’ve got to check it out. I love how simple and digestible her episodes are, and it got me thinking, dang!, I can do this sort of thing for World Language teachers!

My recording studio is in my daughter’s closet. LOL Literally, I hide out there with the door closed, sitting on an old crib mattress, and surrounded by her fluffy pillows.

My ideas for podcasts are truly endless, and it has been super fun to explore this new way of sharing my ideas and the “happenings” in my space and brain.


Teaching La Vida Loca is a podcast for World Language teachers seeking inspiration, unapologetic authenticity, and guidance in facilitating acquisition and centering JOY for the people who matter the most, our students.

Since I am a teacher, just like you, I’ve focused on sharing what’s been working well this year (the world’s longest, freaking school year) as well as some thoughts around our mental and emotional well-being. Basically, I’ve organically and authentically shared what I feel most passionate about each month!

Check out these episodes below and click to listen! If you’re already caught up, comment below and let me know which has been your favorite so far and why.

Episode One

Episode one was all about protecting our mental health. I also shared 10 tips I’ve been focusing on this year to stay sane, push through, and avoid burnout!

Episode Two

In episode two, I shared the ins and outs of Free Voluntary Reading and what it looks and sounds like in my classroom. I had been posting reels and stories on Instagram like this one, and it was generating so many good questions that I knew I had to share more!

Episode Three

This episode was GOLDEN, and I shared my top 3 tips for Student Buy-In, which also feels impossible this year! Oh, the APATHY! Am I right?

Episode Four

We all have those days, I’ve had a lot lately, where we come into work and just can’t even! In episode four, I shared 3 LOW to NO prep games for your world language classroom for days just like these. The best part is, they all inject some JOY in students’ days and yours! You end up leaving school feeling better than when you arrived!

Episode Five

The most recent episode was about listening to your gut and not your heart. No matter WHAT you’re feeling about teaching right now, or this year, those feelings are valid. I had a very emotional conversation with a dear friend recently who inspired me to record episode five. She is showing great courage and leaving the profession after more than 20 years! I am so proud of her bravery, and I wanted to make sure others who were feeling similarly could listen and have their feelings validated.

Whether you listen to your podcasts on Google, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or you’d rather just pull up your podcasts in a browser, I’ve got you covered!

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Looking forward to supporting you in a new way!

As I close on the podcast… Until next time, I’ll be teaching La Vida Loca, and I’m sure you will be too!


La Maestra Loca