Favorite Game for World Language Classrooms

At the beginning of this month, I led a free workshop called Moving Through March! I introduced teachers to some of my favorite games for World Language classrooms. March is such a long month, and motivating our students is incredibly challenging. In fact, getting engagement in some classes this year is like PULLING TEETH! #theapathyisREAL

This week, I’m sharing one of the World Language classroom games that I shared that has folks raving!

One Of My Favorite Games for World Language Classrooms

The game is called Seis. I learned it from Keith Toda, and you can take a look at his blog where I originally learned it from. Find it HERE!

Materials Needed To Play

To play this fun World Language game, you will need:

  • Worksheets for students
  • Pencils – 1 per group
  • Die – 1

Playing The Game

I have changed the way that I play this just a little bit. It really is just in the “work” that the students are doing that I tweaked. I like to have students READING for the activity. Any World Language game that provides more READING is a huge plus for me! YAY input!

How do I do that?

I provide them with a chunk of text and remove some of the words from it. They have to then “fill in the blanks” with words that are in the box at the top of the page.

The trick to the game, the thing that makes it highly motivating, is that students must WIN to work!

Students are in groups of three, and each person takes turns rolling the die until they get a 6. When they get a 6, they yell, “SIX!” in the target language, of course, which is why Keith who teaches Latin calls it the SEX game. LOL! Then, they pick up the pencil and get to work!

Meanwhile, the other two students continue taking turns rolling the die in the hope to steal the pencil and get their chance to work. The student who rolled six keeps working until the next person in the group yells out, “SEIS!” and steals the pencil.

My Favorite Game for the World Language Classroom In Action

Here’s a YouTube video of me explaining the game along with a demonstration of my students playing! I also shared this on Instagram about a year ago. You can watch that HERE! Do you follow my account? Follow me where I share many other activities and games for the World Language classroom. Feel free to use either video to model for your students.

Remember, sometimes the best way to model this game for your students is to show them a video of other students playing it first. This also helps with student buy-in which I talk about in episode 3 of my podcast. Check it out HERE!

I can’t wait to hear how it goes for you and your students. Reach out and let me know! I love to hear about your classroom activities!

Until next time, sending you JOY and Positivity!


La Maestra Loca

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