Preparing for the Unknown…

Hello dear teacher!

Another post to validate your feelings and help you come up with a “plan” moving forward! (Heads up, you may not LOVE my plan, and that is ok!)

As the year comes to a close (for most of you, I know some of you are teaching through the 19th of June or just getting your school year started!!!) you’re feeling a sense of relief (because this has been EXHAUSTING) and extreme uncertainty. There is so much “unknown” about the upcoming school year. Some of your biggest concerns are:

  • Will my classes be online?
  • How do I teach online and in person if my school decides to move that way!?
  • How do I build relationships and community, virtually?
  • How do I start a language class completely online with students with NO prior experience!?
  • How do I write a scope and sequence for a school year I can’t even wrap my head around yet?
  • How will I care for my own children if MY school opens but my child’s doesn’t!?
  • How do I maintain my health and sanity if I could be pushed and challenged even more than this year?

Once again, all of your feelings, concerns, and fears are valid. There has never been more trying times, teacher. I promise you that. However, I also promise that we will get through this and it will soon be in our past. So, how exactly DO we “plan” for such “unknown”. You may not love this answer, but this is my suggestion….

You do very little…..

Investing countless hours on planning when things are changing EVERY week, is only going to cause you more stress, angst, anxiety, and frustration if and when you get an email from administration with a brand new “plan” moving forward. Instead, I recommend you take some time to prioritize.

Make a list. What do you “need” to best prepare yourself for the many possibilities of next year? Pick 2-3 things off of your list to focus on before you start your summer… then keep that summer SACRED (that is the title of my next blog post… you MUST read it… it is important)

When thinking of making your list, I don’t want you to write down “Master all best strategies for asynchronous teaching and learning” because that is WAY too lofty a goal and you could spend ALL summer on just that ONE thing, instead consider, “familiarize myself with 2-3 tools that are great for asynchronous teaching and learning”. Instead of “plan my first 4 weeks of school” consider, “Search out 3-4 strategies for engaging students virtually or in person, to build relationships and community at the start of the year”.

Know that my plan this summer is to blog about, and publish virtual workshops and presentations to support you with:

  • Time management
  • Starting the year virtually
  • Building relationships in an online platform
  • Asynchronous learning
  • Synchronous learning
  • Engaging students when your class is “optional”
  • Teaching to the “eyes” when there are no “eyes” to teach to
  • Teaching using acquisition based instruction in a virtual environment
  • Setting the tone for brand new language learners in the brand new school year

but I also plan to make sure you’re keeping your summer sacred. I want to see you disconnect and recharge. I want to see you spend time outside and away from your computer screen. I want to see you RESTING, weary teacher. I want to see you doing what fills YOU up.

Honestly, that is the ONLY way you’ll be prepared for the unknown. If you keep up your work and worry at this pace there is no way you’ll be emotionally, mentally, or physically prepared for the upcoming school year. Your students need you whole, your family needs you whole, but first and foremost YOU need  yourself to be WHOLE.

So, make that list, sleep on it for a few nights, and come up with a plan. Know that I am here to support you in reaching those goals, and also hold you accountable to keeping that summer sacred!

Sending you all of my love and support!

La Maestra Loca

Cleaning out my classroom was more of a challenge than ever this year, especially without Paul’s help!


  1. I just had to respond. “Do very little.” Yesssss!!! We are no good if we’re not good to ourselves first! Thank you. Shelli

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  2. Merci. I recharged by not doing a lot for school this weekend and it felt good! I was busy tonight and will be all week but it was well worth it! Gracias amiga

  3. Thank you for this! I completely agree with you. Of course, we are required to do two weeks worth of lesson plans for three different scenarios before we are done for the summer. So while it makes sense to us to wait until we know what we are doing, it clearly doesn’t make sense to my admin. 🙁

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