TWO New VIRTUAL Workshops Added!

That’s right! Yesterday I published TWO new courses to my Teachable site: Learning with La LOCA!

It was my goal to get them up so y’all had a little time to purchase them with the coupon code LETSGETLOCA! for 40% off. That code will be good until 11:55PM TONIGHT, May 3rd!

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Don’t worry! I am NOT working today, in fact, I am not even opening my computer or checking my email, or social media on my phone! 🙂 I am scheduling this post so I don’t have to! That is actually directly related to the first course!

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I know…I only recently started listening to my own advice about this but that is why I am the perfect person to tell you about how LIFE changing it is when you actually DO start putting yourself first! It is AMAZING! If you struggle setting boundaries and you feel like you never ever shut off that teacher brain, THIS is the course for you! Let me help YOU start to put your own needs first!

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I worked SO hard on this course… I am OBSESSED! I wanted to PROVE to all of you doubters and all of you out there lacking in confidence that it REALLY IS easy peasy to make your own videos for your students! In this course I will show you my favorite tips, tricks, and tools for creating your own videos as well as how to keep them compelling, and comprehensible! I simply CANNOT WAIT! I created a VIP course for this one (similar to the Brain Breaks for the Virtual Classroom course and the Story-Asking for the Virtual Classroom course), If you choose that option you will receive an email with a Zoom link to ask me questions and troubleshoot LIVE for 30 minutes!

Remember, ALL of the courses I have for sale, require a one time purchase but then they’ll be available to you for a LIFE time! I am really truly proud of what I’ve put together for you and I am SO excited to see all of your reviews rolling in!

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As always, thank you for your love, kindness, and support! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Until next time,

HAPPY TEACHING (and learning!)


La Loca



  1. Good morning, I went to register for 3 of your classes, it only let me use the coupon code LETSGETLOCA! on one of them. I’ve paid for 2 of them, one with the discount and one full regular price. Your post mentioned the 40% would apply to any and all courses through today, May 3. I’ve yet to register for the 3rd class as it will not allow me to use the coupon code. Thanks for your help.

    Sra. Natalie Hanke Spanish Teacher Dodgeville High School

    1. You have to purchase each individually with the code. Each course when you buy it will have the “coupon code” under its name. That is where you type it (as you did for that one). If you purchase more than one I’ve noticed it has to be done one at a time…. I can try to figure out a refund through my personal paypal if you send me an email that is the only way I can think to refund you. annabelle@ Thank you!

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