Adding NOVELTY and FUN to the VIDEOS you’re creating for kids!



I am still doing lots of MOMENTOS con MAESTRA but the ones I made yesterday and today are DEFINITELY out of the box and new for my students! Check this one out!!! It has been SUPER fun!

Today’s is all about PERUVIAN FOOD! Which, I didn’t even realize until half way through recording! Since I didn’t know any of the foods that they were giving me to choose from I decided to make some LOOM videos of me researching the food and I learned that sure enough, ALL of the recipes are Peruvian! SO fun! (also, shout out to Señor Wooly there with the PAN and ¡Qué asco! quotes)

I know, I know, y’all just want to know WHERE I found those awesome words and photos above my head right?!!?!? IN INSTAGRAM!!!! I play with them all the time with my friends and in my stories but I hadn’t even thought about searching for them in Spanish until yesterday morning when I was stuck, trying to figure out what I was going to make my movie on…. (I’ve had a really really really rough two days personally and professionally… lots of crying lots of frustration… hives even… shout out to my “familia loca” for listening to me cry… lol)  Anywho, in the midst of this “slump” My dear friend Rose sent me a new filter to try and it made me realize… HEY… I wonder if these are in SPANISH! and they DO have some… but then I realized… I don’t even need to ONLY use the Spanish ones, I can use the ENGLISH ones and just SPEAK in Spanish! So often it only says “what do you prefer” or “this or that” and I could just talk about it in Spanish!

SOOOOO these will be the videos I will be making for the next little while!

  1. To find these, just go to your Instagram “stories”IMG_5167.jpg
  2. Then at the bottom go ALL the way to the right to the LAST bubble….IMG_5168.jpg
  3. Once there you have to search for a filter… I just searched “prefieres” to find theseIMG_5169.jpg
  4. Then click on the filter you want to useIMG_5170.jpg
  5. Then click “try it”IMG_5171.jpg
  6. Then record your video in your “stories” buuuuuut don’t hit add to my stories…IMG_5172.PNG
  7. Click the button at the top with the arrow and line to SAVE it to your phone!IMG_5173.jpg
  8. Then splice your clips together using SPLICE or inshot (INSHOT is FREE and I demo and teach you how to use it in my Teachable course “My Fave Phone Apps” which you can get for 40% off until Sunday (SUPER SHAMELESS PLUG)  Use the coupon code: LETSGETLOCA! )

There you have it!!!!

Isn’t this AWESOME!??!!? Kids are excited about it, and it is something they know so well because they love Instagram and they love all the Instagram filters!

I hope you’re finding ways to stay well, and stay sane… know that you’re doing your best and your best is enough and that it is OK and NORMAL to have good days and bad days… and REALLY REALLY Bad days are ok too… We are going to get through this…

Sending y’all ALL my love! SO SO SO MUCH love…

Happy Teaching! Stay happy, stay safe, stay sane!!


La Maestra Loca

Screen Shot 2020-04-29 at 5.17.06 PM
A puffy eyed… tired selfie… but still joyful… LOVE you all! Grateful for each and every one of you!


  1. I love this idea and I love how you incorporate your students’ interests into all that you do! I figured out how to do it with a photo but not a video. ¡Ayúdame por favor!!!

  2. ¡Hola! I really enjoyed this post! I am from the rainforest of Peru and I haven’t eaten these dishes in more than 10 years! They are all delicious 🙂 Thanks for teaching them to your students!

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