#Selfcarechallenge with ME!

HOLA! Bonjour! Hello! Ni hao! Shu’mai!

I hope that you’re having a wonderful Saturday! I wanted to first off, THANK ALL of you who read my blog about putting my mask on first, and commented or sent me texts, emails, positive thoughts, energy, prayers, and messages afterwards. I am doing SO much better. Paul and my Mom have both seen a huge difference in my attitude and a pep in my step again!

In an effort to stay on this “track”, I have started the self-care challenge! I did it last week with ‘La Familia Loca’ and it went so well! I thought it would be even better if I share it FAR and WIDE!


I’ve decided that EVERY Sunday, I will be practicing self-care. My form of self-care will be “NOT working Not at all. I need to start practicing what I preach! I invite you to join me in my #selfcarechallenge and take Sunday, to shut off your computers (don’t turn them on) and your phones (at least for a good part of the day) and just be “present”. That was my New Year’s Resolution!

Be present with your families, with your fur babies, with your human babies, with your “SELF”. Go for a walk, play a board game, turn ON your phone to give an old friend a call… Just BE …. I am so excited to do this! If you need some more ideas, here is a YouTube video I made with some ideas for Self-Care… if you follow me on Instagram, then you may have already seen all these in my stories…

On Monday, I will DEBRIEF with all of you at 10AM CST. on myLa Maestra Loca Facebook page. I will go LIVE! to talk about what I did, and didn’t do and hopefully hear from all of YOU, too! I would love to hear how you “refilled your cup” and practiced self-care on Sunday! Here is a link to the FB event

I hope you’ll join me tomorrow (and every Sunday thereafter) in the #selfcarechallenge and I hope to “see” you virtually on Monday for a chance to catch up! This is a PERFECT way to hold my self accountable…. When I know there are potentially thousands of other teachers/families/students doing this same thing! YAY!

Love y’all! Stay safe, stay well, stay happy, stay sane…. can’t wait to practice self care with all of you tomorrow! (if you want to, let me know what you’ll be doing in the comments of this blog!)

Until then,

Happy healthy and positive vibes coming your way!


La Maestra Loca

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