Houston, TX, Norwich, VT, Bedford, NH! Workshops, workshops, WORKSHOPS!

I am so excited! I have THREE new workshops on the horizon for 2020! Since I know many of you are not on social media and might have missed these, I wanted to put these in your inbox in case you can make it to one of them! I will always update my list of upcoming conferences when there is something new!

On February 1st I will be in TEXAS!!!! For years now, I’ve received emails and requests to visit Texas and give a workshop or training and it is finally happening! Big huge thanks to Sara B. my old colleague for setting it up for me! I’ll be in Houston, please come and join us for a day full of fun and jam packed with learning!

March 14th I have the opportunity to give a workshop at Allison Litten’s school in Vermont, the day after I keynote at Vermont’s State conference! I am so excited! We will be talking about how to milk your favorite resources, and in the afternoon we will have work time to create our own mini-units that we can walk away with and start using right away!

Finally, on March 28th (finalized today!) I will be in Bedford, New Hampshire! Join me for an 8 hour workshop filled with immersive experiences that will have you experiencing first hand what your students feel as they acquire a second language in your classes! This workshop is entitled: Across the Modes: Making Language Accessible. I recently gave this workshop in Kansas City, MO and had a great time and teachers were so open, eager and grateful to share in the experience!

Not sure!? In case you need any more convincing…

Here are some reviews from my recent workshops:

“Before I arrived, I was kind of dreading this long of a Saturday workshop I had signed up for, but…You had so many great, practical activities – and I appreciate that you used Chinese to help us understand how our students feel – you were encouraging, fun, and approachable. The workshop flew by and I feel re-charged to speak more Spanish in my classroom.” -Anonymous, KS December 2019

“Awesome, Amazing, Inspiring. When can I do it again?” -Anonymous, KS December 2019

“Amazing job. I’m so glad I got to learn from you. There are things that even a veteran CI-teacher can glean from watching others and I’m thankful for the opportunity” Anonymous, KS December 2019

“Thank you for sharing your passion, energy, and creativity with us! Your positivity is inspirational. It is so easy to get bogged down in the discouraging aspects of our jobs but role models like you help restore the joy and energy and remind me of why I got into teaching to begin with 20 years ago! So THANK YOU!!!!” Anonymous, Cincinatti, OH November, 2019

“This was the most beneficial and and FUN professional development I have ever done. I have already called 4 people (not even language teachers) to tell them about it… thank you for being vulnerable and sharing your struggles. Hearing that a seasoned teacher still has bad days and even bad weeks made me feel so much better about the times when I struggle. Thank you so much for the best two days – your energy, positivity, excitement, & encouragement has made me so excited for the rest of this school year. I cannot say enough wonderful things about you and this workshop. THANK YOU!” Anonymous, Cincinatti, OH November, 2019

Until next time,

SEE you soon!?


La Maestra Loca

This is how excited I am at the thought of seeing/meeting you this year!

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  1. ¡Hola! I am soooooo excited at the prospect of finally meeting you in person, Annabelle! I have been following your various posts and perspectives for quite a while now, and am thrilled you will be coming to my lovely state of Oregon! I am really hoping that my district will chip in and help me attend your conference in Portland this summer. As a department of one, I don’t ask for much (as in, NADA) so when I do, I really wish they would just make it happen. 😉 Is there any promo or discount code for the Cascadia conference in order for me to “sweeten the deal” a little more, as I continue to prompt those in charge to support my endeavors to continue my own learning?

    Here’s hoping and I truly look forward to meeting you, I hope! Happy end of Dec. and start to Jan.!

    Abrazos, Sarah


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