Workshop in New Orleans!

I have been so busy organizing workshops out of State, I hadn’t even stopped to think about doing one close to home! Silly me! It’s HAPPENING!!!!

Saturday, August 4th. Here. A mile from my house, I am renting out a beautiful space at my current school and we are going to spend the entire day learning together! I will be presenting my FAVORITE strategies to keep listening, reading, writing, and culture NOVEL throughout a year of Comprehensible Input instruction. My classroom management tips and tricks will be littered throughout and of course, you’ll walk away with a myriad of fantastic Brain Break ideas too!

I chose the 4th of August, in a hope to catch a lot of you at the end of your summer, right as you’re gearing up for the next school year! You’re sure to walk away eager, and energized for the next school year as well as highly entertained, that is just a guarantee. It is worth sacrificing a Saturday!

Here are the nitty gritty details:

  • The cost of the workshop is $40 (to cover the cost of the venue, breakfast and videographers)
  • I will provide you with breakfast-y yumminess as well as coffee and tea in the morning
  • You will be responsible for bringing your own lunch
  • We will only take a 45 minute lunch break so we can maximize our time together
  • The workshop (in its entirety) will be filmed by two professional videographers and will be used for marketing for future workshops around the country
  • You will be provided with a certificate of completion to track hours spent on Professional Development

I have really enjoyed teaching full day workshops this year! I love being able to really dig deep with teachers and we can do so much more with 7 hours than we can with a one hour long presentation in a conference!  I recently did a workshop in North Carolina which was set up and promoted by Mike Peto . People from 6 different states were in attendance! Afterwards, I received this email from a teacher (she has allowed me to share it here).

I’m having the absolute BEST week of my teaching career after attending your workshop last Saturday.  Right now I find myself between jumping up and down and screaming for joy and crying for PURE gratitude to have met you, attended your workshop and to be a teacher!! Teaching and working with people has always been my passion, but something was missing and now I’ve found it, thanks to you.  I’m in tears.  I’m so grateful. My students don’t want to leave my class.  They LOVE learning Spanish and JUST THIS WEEK, IN JUST THESE FEW DAYS, THEY’VE LEARNED SO MUCH. Not only that they’ve learned so much, but that they LOVE learning.  They LOVE speaking Spanish.  They feel compelled to speak and be engaged in English, Spanish and Espanglish!  How ever they do it, they are showing comprehension. AAAAAAAlleluiah! AAAAAAAlleluiah!  Alleluia! Alleeeeeeeluuuuuuia!!!!!! I have so much more to learn though AND I’M ON FIRE!!! Ready to do it! Gracias, GRAcias, GRACias, GRACIAs, MIL GRACIAS.

If you’re SUPER excited to join me and an enthusiastic group of language educators, in New Orleans this August, please click on the link below to submit your $40 payment and then click here to complete a Google Form and finalize your registration.

In order to ensure a quality experience for everyone, the workshop will be limited to 50 participants.

I can’t wait to see you soon! YAYYYY!!!!

Happy Teaching,


La Maestra Loca


  1. I am so happy for this opportunity! Thank you! I paid through paypal, but is there another form to fill out that I missed?? Also, do you have a recommendation for inexpensive overnight stay that’s nearby? Just for myself. Thanks again- can’t wait!


    1. Did you complete the Google Form? If you didn’t don’t worry. At the moment I am having trouble accessing it because I created at my previous job and the shared access has locked me out! 🙁

      Can’t wait to see you! I think you should check out airbnb for a place to stay. Look in the Metairie area. There should be LOADS of cheap places! 🙂

  2. Total last minute but I am new to the Spanish Teaching world and I literally just found out! If there are any seats available I would love to attend.

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