Podcast AND Webinar this week!

HOLA my dear friends!

Wanted to write a quick note to let you know of TWO awesome PD opportunities this week featuring yours truly! 😉

Tomorrow, Inspired Proficiency’s 4th, (YES, FOURTH!) podcast will be available for FREE on iTunes! If you haven’t tuned in yet, you should absolutely give it a listen. Ashley is doing an AMAZING job and she is coordinating awesome speakers who bring the podcast to life. Episode 4 will feature me, talking about Brain Breaks, and there will also be a “Games Panel”  featuring Courtney Miller and Amelia Eastin! WAHOOO!Untitled.jpg

Then on WEDNESDAY, I’ll be doing a Webinar with NNELL!! If you’re already a member it is FREE!  It will begin at 6PM CST and of course be recorded and archived on their website. Here is a description of my webinar:

Elementary teachers have the BEST job in the world. Every single day we have the opportunity to create a space in our foreign language classrooms that is truly magical for our students. If you aren’t already trained in magic you will be amazed at what a little webinar to hone your skills will do for classroom management with little ones. In this session, come and learn exactly WHAT you can do to make your classroom a little more magical. Learn tips and tricks to incorporate a little more wonder into your instruction in order to maximize student acquisition and engagement. 

Immediately following the webinar, we have a #EarlyLang chat scheduled (7pm CST) on Twitter and I will be co-moderating with the one and only Sara-Elizabeth Cottrell of Musicuentos!!!  YES!!! If you’re not a member and you want to join NNELL it is $30 for a year, I believe, and they’ve extended it include next academic year, so you’d be paid through August of 2019! YAY! Here is a link.


I hope you’re having a happy March! We went to the Irish Italian parade this weekend and caught enough cabbages and potatoes to feed us for the next week!

Sending y’all my LOVE!

Happy Teaching!


La Maestra Loca



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