Let it SNOW! Let it GO!

Sometimes you have plans to teach all about el Tió de Nadal  and introduce the class’ official Tió on the 8th of December… Just like they’re doing in Cataluña. Then, once every blue moon, it snows in southern Louisiana. When that happens you throw all plans to the wind and you Let it Go.

Photo credit: The GENIUS Mrs. Warren. Thank you for taking my favorite photo of all time!

So much of what we do on a day to day basis as comprehensible input teachers, forces us to be flexible pretzels. As a non-targeted CI teacher I have to be comfortable not knowing exactly WHAT we will be talking about in class each day. When I saw the joy, surprise, and wonder in my student’s eyes today when it started to sleet outside, I dropped everything and we rushed out into the cold. We got REALLY lucky and it just happened to be pajama day… We were almost finished with our “Unicorn Snot Club” meeting, and we dropped all of our Christmas decorations and sprinted out to catch snowflakes on our tongues and dance in the wet heavy snow. The next several classes were dedicated to making magical moments and “letting go”. I let go of my plans and let the kids play. For some of my 8th graders, this was the very first time they’d seen snow. For others, they could remember one other time in Pre-K.

Thank you AGAIN Mrs. Warren!!

As my co-worker Mary Kay said today, you don’t want to be the teacher that keeps them from experiencing once-in-a-lifetime moments like these. Take time to enjoy them with your kids. You want to hear, “I will never forget today!” “This was the best school day ever!” “This was the best class of my life!” “Gracias for being a kid with us, Maestra!” At one point, Mr. Soyka, Mrs. Warren, and I were ALL outside with our classes. They were just over the moon.

Untitled copy 2.jpg

Let it go and let it snow!


Until next time,

HAPPY teaching!


La Maestra Loca

Cozy ONESIE hugs in the SNOW!!!!


  1. Maestra, you don’t know how this soothes my soul! I felt guilty for speaking English and playing the kids some cool non-French music the other day…until I saw that one of my new students Snapped me nodding my head with the caption “love the music <3." I'm glad to hear your co-worker encouraged you to live that once in a lifetime moment…brings the stress off teaching in the lead up to the holidays! Muchas gracias…

    1. It is so important (MOST important) to build your relationships and their feelings of love for you and your class. THAT comes first because later, it makes staying in the TL cake 😉 You’re amazing!!!

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