My First TPT Sale!

Hey everyone!

I am throwing my FIRST Sale on Teachers Pay Teachers tomorrow! YAYYYY! August 22nd, they are having a final Back to School sale of 5% off with the coupon code: BTSBONUS10222187-235800075_9-s4-v1.png

In addition to that, EVERYTHING in my store will be discounted at an EXTRA 20% off! WHAT?!?!!? I KNOW!!! Did you FAINT!?!?! This will be for TOMORROW, August 22nd  ONLY.

(Use this as your Brain Breaks poster image!!! No, don’t use MY Bitmoji! Use your own, silly!

Having said that, I don’t have much up there (yet)!  Click here to see a summary of the items I have for sale. I also have four things up that are free! 🙂 What I DO have I am VERY proud of! If you decide to purchase anything or if you have before, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE write a review for me! 🙂 I will give you 800 points, 20 high-fives (I give GREAT high-fives) and 43 GIANT hugs the next time I see you!


Have an AWESOME week everyone and I hope you enjoyed the eclipse as much as I did! Please note, SNAPCHAT FILTERS really really really don’t like it when people wear Solar Eclipse glasses….. It still tries to attach “eyes”…. YIKES….

How creepy is this!?!?! 









Until next time,



La Maestra Loca

Just relaxin’  and enjoyin’ the Eclipse!
My incredible advisory group for the year!!!!


  1. I used your Day One Survey with my small 3-5 Spanish class. Every student wrote Donald Trump for their least favorite famous person. Interesting. Unfortunately, I won’t be using his name in our Spanish classes. Every student had a different favorite famous person. Hope to use some of these in future stories and PQA.

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