El Día de Reyes

Hello FRIENDS!!!

Teaching about another holiday tomorrow! I am doing SO much better with incorporating more culture this year! Mary Overton would be SO proud!

Sara Broussard wrote a couple of awesome embedded readings that she let me borrow and I created this Google Slides show using her text. Feel free to use it if you want!

Kids in New Orleans are very familiar with Epiphany and the 6th of January because it is the day that kicks off the Mardi Gras season… I love it because it is Isla’s birthday and my parent’s anniversary!

For me…. it ALSO means the start of King Cake season…. and as a teacher…. I get offered a LOT of King Cake…. like a LOT….. OH MY GOSH I AM SO EXCITED I COULD PEE MYSELF!


Until next time,

Happy Teaching!


La Maestra Loca


  1. Thanks for sharing this slideshow Annabelle. I don’t know much about the tradition personally so this was very helpful, and timely!

    I also want to use the 3 Kings commercial where the boy wakes up and walks out to the living room, and to his surprise finds his parents putting presents under the tree. But it turns out that they are really his parents… they’re the 3 kings. Thing is, I can’t find the video anymore! Hoping someone on the FB page can help me locate it.

  2. Love the presentation…If you have time, can you give a brief summary of how you work with it in the classroom?
    Gracias por todo!!!!

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