El Tió de Nadal

Isla Rose wrote Santa an early Christmas letter this year asking for a special elf for “Daddy and AtDat’s house” (she calls me AtDat). Santa delivered and with all of the magic that we expect from Santa. She was absolutely overjoyed. Magic and the idea of believing in Magic is my most absolute favorite thing in the world! I love this Elf on the Shelf tradition so much! Isla named our elf “Strawberry”and she is quite naughty. It has been fun discovering this tradition with her and seeing her joy each day.


A friend at school, Mary Lee, sent Sara and myself a link to information on el Tió de Nadal. I about peed myself laughing. Especially when I saw it’s other name “Caga tió”…. run that through Spanish Dict! real quick! I knew my Middle Schoolers would LOVE to learn about this tradition from Northern Spain, so I made this presentation and luckily another CI teacher Jim Tripp had already done a lot of work for me! You can find my presentation by clicking here. Please feel free to use it in your classes. I also created a worksheet for them that you can find here.


I based all of this off of researching this odd tradition on the internet and using Jim Tripp’s awesome article he already wrote to make it all comprehensible! 🙂 YAY! You can find that here.


Feliz Navidad!

I promise to catch up on my 20 (yes,  literally 20) blog drafts over break!

Photo used is a creative commons photo.

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  1. I love your post and I am happy to see this catalan tradition is getting popular. It has always been my favourite one. However, I don’t think you should consider it as a violent tradition…I felt bad when I read it.

    1. Laura, thank you so much for your comment. I added that sentence in last year after two students had some pretty serious PTSD after seeing the video. These children had been through some things and seeing something be “loved” and then walloped and hearing their peers laugh at it was traumatic. I added the sentence to open a door for conversation and to prep them for what they’d see. I am sorry it upset you, and the slides are editable so you can feel free to remove that if you share it. I was very glad I kept it there this year as I had 5 students come up to me after class and share stories with me that I would other wise not have known about them.

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