Why Your Feelings are Valid

I’m typing this on Sunday, the eve before my first day of school. This morning I woke up feeling okay, but within a couple of hours I found myself riddled with anxiety, wrestling a headache, and with a tummy ache that I just couldn’t shake. Paul was awesome and handled all the entertaining of Memphis so I could just lie in bed. Let’s talk about valid feelings.

I am confident I know why I am feeling this way.

Going back to school always brings LOTS of emotions for me. The last two years in particular, these emotions haven’t been very positive ones. 

I wanted to write this to remind myself, and you, that ANY emotions you’re feeling as you head back to school are valid. 

Mixed Summer Feelings

Yesterday, I found the post below that I had shared on Instagram around this time last year and it feels even more appropriate now!

I had a magnificent summer. It really was everything I wanted it to be and more. Taking all of June off was HUGE for me and I had no idea just how much I needed it. 

Just because I had an awesome summer, doesn’t mean I can’t feel apprehensive about returning to work or sad that my vacation is over. Those are valid feelings. 

Don’t Compare Your Feelings

You also may encounter friends or teachers you follow on social media who are excited about returning. They may feel refreshed and eager to get back into their classroom spaces and start prepping and planning for the year ahead! 

Those feelings are equally as valid. 

Tomorrow, I am starting a new job. My anxiety and sadness about the end of summer doesn’t mean that I am not completely thrilled about my new position. That was something else I’ve grappled with all morning… I’ve told myself that I should be grateful and excited that I found something. I should be eager to dive in because I got the job that I was waiting for and hoping for for the last 5 months.

I am, and I do feel those things. But…

Your Mixed Feelings are Still Valid

I also feel bummed that I am not going to get to have lengthy summer naps with Memphis any more, down that I won’t have the opportunity to create really special memories with Isla at AtDat Camp til next summer, and I will miss not having ANY idea what day of the week it is or having any need to know for that matter.

So, whatever you’re feeling, whatever emotions you have about returning to school, whether it is tomorrow like me, next week, or a month from now, know that every single one of those is valid!

More Support for Transitioning to Back to School

Make sure you catch my latest podcast episode which has some dynamite advice and tips on starting fresh as we transition into this new school year! You can listen to Teaching La Vida Loca on Spotify or Apple Podcasts! Click below to access the episode and transcript.

Sending you lots of love, encouragement, and validation! Thanks for reading! I really needed to write this. ???


La Maestra Loca