5 Steps to your Strongest, most Successful and JOYful Year with Acquisition Driven Instruction, YET!- a Masterclass with La Maestra Loca

YES! I’m FINALLY doing it! I’ve put together an INCREDIBLE Masterclass!

After two SERIOUSLY tumultuous years, teachers are facing yet another school year full of uncertainty, pivots, and unexpected plot twists! I’ll be honest. I am exhausted and it is only September! What the heck right!?

Join me this Sunday, September 19th at 2pm CST for 5 concrete steps you can take to your STRONGEST, most SUCCESSFUL, and JOYful year with Acquisition Driven Instruction, yet!

We recently evacuated for hurricane Ida. My family stayed in a tiny cabin with my mother-in-law, Daddy, Disney the cat, and all of Daddy’s animals. There was no internet. Just a lake and silence. The only thing I could do during this time to keep my brain from constantly worrying about my students, their families, my home, and ALL the things, was create this Masterclass.

If you’re in a funk that you just can’t seem to shake, or are stuck in a rut and tired of feeling like you’re doing the same thing over and over again in your classroom. If you’re feeling defeated because of those handful of kiddos who just refuse to participate no matter what you do, or you’re tired of struggling to build a community when things are CONSTANTLY changing around you, you need to know YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Remember, I am a teacher, JUST LIKE YOU, and I’ve been feeling alllll the things lately, too. What’s important is recognizing that our feelings are valid, and finding ways to move forward in a positive way and not get bogged down by everything that’s out of our control.

I hope you’ll make time to join me this Sunday! I would love to see you!

OH! ANNNNND everyone that comes is going to receive some special bonuses just for being there! YAY! ANNNNNNNNNND, I’m having a Giveaway too! At the end of the Masterclass I will draw 3 teacher’s names for the prizes below!

Yep! There’s an option for each Prize level! The Grand Prize winner can choose between a $100 TPT gift card or $100 Passion Planner Gift Card, the 1st Prize winner will choose between a set of Spanish or French Circumlocution posters designed by me in collaboration with Teacher’s Discovery! Finally, the next prize winner will choose between $15 FemmedeBloom Gift card (who makes most of my beautiful earrings!) or a $15 Starbucks card!

YAY! Whether you come for the prizes, the bonuses, or to walk away inspired and refreshed, I do hope you’ll join me this Sunday! Just click here to register!

I am really looking forward to it!

Happy Teaching!


La Maestra Loca


  1. Wow! I love the Circumlocution poster. The visual design is awesome. It helps students understand the topics a lot faster. Thank you for sharing!

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