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I made this video while at school this week (I’ll be honest… it was during a class for two students who didn’t show up… lol) but it has raised lots of questions from my Instagram peoples… I thought I would write a blog to address them so MORE people can benefit…. SOUND ON….


Snapcamera has seriously leveled up my teaching game since March. That month I showed up to my LIVE PD group and a CISOS webinar as a unicorn and slowly I’ve seen more and more teachers exploring and playing it. It is PRETTY EPIC. Allison Litten used the filters to guide her students through PQA during her Conference in the Cloud learning lab… It is epic…. Here is a video of some of the MANY possibilities….

You can use Snapcamera on Zoom, Streamyard, Teams, and Google Meets (people have TOLD me about the last two but I’ve never actually tried myself). Once you download it, make sure you’re completely “up to date” with “updates” lol and then you should see the option to choose a different camera…

Now the kids don’t see the behind the scenes work… but basically you have snap camera open on the side while teaching in Zoom (or whatever platform) and when something comes up during PQA or your lesson in general, you search for a filter (like icecream) and click it and the kids ONLY see what is on the right….

If you click on the STAR in the upper left hand corner of a filter, it will save it to your favorites, which you’ll find in a menu at the top left hand corner of the Snap Camera “app”. (Snap Camera lives in your applications on your computer). Here is a GIF how to:

There you have it! SO FUN! (if it isn’t working your zoom, try restarting your computer, then redownloading zoom itself, then updating it… try all the things… it took weeks to work for me! but for others it works right away!)

Play, get familiar, practice, then unleash your new magic powers in your next synchronous lesson! Let’s make the best of this REALLY terrible, awful, HORRIBLE situation… LOL! (sorry… I’ve been a dark negative place all week…!)

LOVE LOVE LOVE you teacher! You’re doing great!

Until next time,

Stay happy, stay healthy, stay sane,

Happy Teaching!


La Maestra Loca

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  1. I am so sad. Their privacy policy does not meet our state education laws :(…which my district strictly adheres to. I so wanted to be the giraffe 😭

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