TWO new virtual courses and a 24 hour sale!


Oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh! I’ve FINALLY finished publishing my TWO most IN DEMAND in-person workshops on Teachable! That’s right! These courses are now available for you and you’ll be able to access them, WHENEVER you want from WHEREVER you are! Annnnnd, they’ll never ever ever ever ever expire… COOL HUH!?


The first one won’t surprise you… Y’all have been asking me for months to record my Equitable Engagement presentation that I did at ACTFL and iFLT because the room was so packed not everyone could get in, and others of you have just wanted to review it and think through some of the points now that a year has passed. Well! I did it! YAYYY! I am super excited about this course! 20% of all the proceeds will be donated monthly to a not-for-profit organization that supports BIPOC communities.

The second course is all about Classroom Management in the VIRTUAL world. This can all feel so overwhelming and challenging, I just wanted to give folx a chance to think through some easy moves we can make in our virtual classrooms to make delivering compelling comprehensible input a little bit easier!

good stuff

GUESS WHAT!? For the next 24 hours, they’re both 25% off!!!!!! WHAT?! I know! So, you’ll enter the coupon code at check out (there is a little purple button under the image of the course)!

The code is: 25for24 (get it?! 25% off for 24 hours!) This sale will end at 1:30PM CST on 9/9/2020

What a DEAL!

YAYYYY! I hope y’all have a GREAT day today!

Until next time,

Stay happy, stay safe, stay well, stay sane,




La Maestra Loca (and el papá¡ Loco)

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