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I am feeling overwhelmed by the amount of AMAZING free resources that generous small businesses, individual teachers, and teacher presenters are putting out there! What a wonderful testament to the “good” in the world.

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I wanted to create a place where I could find things quickly and easily. I will be updating this list as I hear/read of more… because inevitably it will grow!


Kara Jacobs wrote this and posted a video tutorial of how to use Google Hangouts as a FREE alternative to Screencastify

Ideas from Maris Hawkins… She just doesn’t stop!

Diane Neubauer made this video on how to use ZOOM when you suddenly become an online teacher.

Marina Rose and her language department completed this amazing document for their language learner that is full of ideas and resources!

Video Tutorial for Hyperdocs for self-directed learning!  *Starts at 1:20

OWL collaborative meetings for teaching virtually during COVID19


Fluency Matters is offering 70+ hours of content. Just fill out this easy 30 second form and they’ll send them to you!

Martina Bex created 10 days of FREE lesson plans

Maris Hawkins and Martina wrote and published a FREE COVID-19 version of El mundo en tus manos

Calico Elementary Spanish (10 days of plans in a downloadable FREE PDF)

The Spanish Experiment- has free children’s Spanish stories, written and audio recordings.

Señor Wooly is offering TWO free weeks of the pro-subscription and is working on PLANS that can be used for online learning. 

BASHO and FRIENDS is offering FREE access to their site for the REST of the school year!

Ryann Campbell shared this in a FB group and it includes choices and points for students to acquire Spanish from home. 

The Pulsera Project is offering lots of free resources here.

Profe Denham of WV is giving away his books (he writes and illustrates) for free!

Immediate Immersion is creating and sharing resources and they’ll be available for free as they’re made! The first is a clip chat with voice over and comprehension questions

THREE free articles on the GOOD things happening during this crazy time!

Nailed it Mexico episode one question and viewing guide! -This is available on Netflix

ELEMENTARY K-2 Choice board! YAY! – Chio (a “La familia loca” member) just shared this in our group! She and her fabulous FLES team made it.

K- Choice board week 2

ELEMENTARY 3-5 Choice board! YAY! Chio (a “La familia loca” member) just shared this in our group! She and her fabulous FLES team made it.

3-5 choice board week 2

These AMAZING slide shows by Marcy Fuentes on the iFLT Facebook Page. They’ll BLOW YOUR MIND…. I am trying to convince her to add a “venmo” or “paypal” button to them so we can throw some money her way because oh my gosh… they’re PHENOMENAL resources….


Allison Litten is doing her own “momentos” but they’re for her French students! Use use use them for yours!

These AMAZING slide shows by Marcy Fuentes on the iFLT Facebook Page. They’ll BLOW YOUR MIND…. I am trying to convince her to add a “venmo” or “paypal” button to them so we can throw some money her way because oh my gosh… they’re PHENOMENAL resources….She’s had them translated to FRENCH! Gaah!!!!!!!

Free French Webinar on Friday the 19th!


For those of you teaching “other” contents… these are online sites who are offering free or discounted services through the rest of the year… Share with “other” content teachers you know.

Leslie Kronemeyer shared these wonderful “rules” with her students on their first day of virtual language classes:

If you have not yet started your online classroom I share this with the hope that it can be helpful to you as you begin your journey as a teacher or a parent that is supporting a student.

I ask kindly that any questions or comments follow the below guidelines because I am human.


1. BE RESPECTFUL: We, as a classroom family, have been challenged to continue our learning together in an online platform. This is my first time as a teacher delivering instruction in this way. For many of you, my students, this is the first time that you have attended an online class. In the classroom space, please be kind to each other and your teacher. Interact in a way that is respectful to everyone.

2. BE PATIENT: I, your teacher, am learning to teach in a way that I was never trained. I, as your teacher, understand that it is my job to provide the best level of instruction that I can. I am learning with you. I may give instructions that are not clear or do not result in the way I intended. This is not intentional. We will all do our best to understand that mistakes will be made and that together we can fix them.

3. BE RESPONSIBLE: As students in this class you will be asked to complete assignments, sign in at specific times and communicate with your peers and teachers(s) in an online platform. As students, you will need to manage your time in a way that allows you to complete your requirements within a given time frame. Your time management will change as you will need to organize yourself in a way that makes you successful.

4. BE FLEXIBLE: This type of schooling is completely new to ALL of us, including your teacher. Things may take longer than they should. The teacher may say something or give a direction and must change their mind because there is a better way. Things may not go as planned. A student in the class may post or ask a question that may seem obvious to you, but in the moment, they did not realize what or where they were posting. As your teacher, I will do the same. I understand that you may interpret a message wrong or post something in an incorrect spot. We will be flexible together.

5. BE MINDFUL: We, as a class, need to be mindful that everyone’s situation is different and that the effects of all the children in the house having to learn online may impact each family differently. There are families that will have struggles that we may not be aware of. Please keep this in mind. There will be families who are not able to go to work and may not have the usual income that they need to support their households. This is stressful for adults and children feel that stress. This is a time to be kind and supportive to each other, both inside our virtual classroom and outside in the real world.

To my students,

I already miss our classroom time together. I miss your faces. I miss your stories. I miss watching you learn. It is my hope that in two weeks we can return to school. We have an opportunity in front of us to grow as human beings, to bond as a class in a way that we have never experienced and support our own families and friends as we navigate through this. Some assignments may seem easy and quick and others make take a longer time than I realized. When commenting on an assignment in any classroom space please be RESPECTFUL, PATIENT, FLEXIBLE, RESPONSIBLE and MINDFUL of your teacher as we too are finding our way through a different school day. It is day one of online learning and I am already looking forward to the day that we can return to our classroom and communicate in SPANISH, human to human. But, until then, we need to make the best of this situation. Stay Healthy!

—-Profesora Kronemeyer

I’ll be sharing more about what I am doing as I figure this out! 😉

Until next time, stay safe, smart and healthy and wash your hands!

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Much love,

La Maestra Loca

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  1. Thanks for sharing. I also am amazed at the amount of sharing and collaborating everyone is doing. School let out at 3 today and I have already fielded questions from 3 students to clarify what needs to be done. Feeling blessed by colleagues and awesome students!

  2. I am speechless by how generous everyone is at this time when you all could be making lots of money from us overwhelmed new-to-online teachers! Bless you all.

  3. Conjuguemos is upgrading all free teacher plans to premium for the rest of the school year. I haven’t dived all the way into this resource but there are listening activities with comprehension checks/quizzes
    Also Flipgrid is GREAT for students to respond verbally to a prompt–plus they can see each other’s responses as well!

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