Marvelous Mardi Gras Resource!

Hey y’all!!!

It is a CRAZY week here in NOLA! We are in “deep gras” and there are parades every night (parades actually start in early January). We get the whole week off for Mardi Gras (so you should move here and come work with me!)  and kids are CRAY CRAY and so are the adults!

Every month in my LIVE PD group, in addition to the LIVE videos and guest speakers, I’ve been sharing resources (in Spanish and French) that I am using in class. Last month, I shared resources for teaching about New Year’s Eve traditions around the world, and a mini unit on plastic in our oceans. This month I’ve shared resources for Black Lives Matter in School, a mini unit on Hair Love for Black History Black Futures Month, a lesson for teaching about animal sounds in other languages, and the last thing was an AMAZING unit on Mardi Gras that Viviana Tracy put together! Check out this preview of the slides! Every slide is beautiful and dynamic! My students have LOVED it! They have a lot of extra to contribute too since each of them have their own family traditions when it comes to parading and celebrating NOLA’s favorite season!


If you’re stuck with nothing to do before Wooly week/month (SO EXCITING!) this marvelous resource would be perfect, it is available on TPT! Just click this link! For more awesomeness like this and lots of positivity, community and JOY, join la Familia Loca in our community! We would love to have you!

Mardi Gras is TUESDAY!!! Parades were rearranged and rescheduled last minute so tomorrow we have a 12:30 dismissal and then we are OFF for the week!!!!! YAYYY!

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