ACTFL 2019! See you there!

Hey y’all!

I am so excited! ACTFL is right around the corner! I just ordered new business cards and paid for rush shipping! I hope to see lots of familiar faces again and meet lots of new people too!

Many of you have emailed and asked where I will be… SOOOO…. here is the answer to that question… Pretty much ALL OVER THE PLACE!

I will be “speaking” or presenting three times:

Friday, November 22nd: Equitable Engagement: Ensuring every students invests, is valued and achieves! 12:00-12:45 Room 145A

Saturday, November 23rd: CI POSSE Presentation: 9:00-9:45 Exhibition Hall “CI Posse Booth” 

Saturday, November 23rd: ACTFL Sidebar! What did I get myself into? “Surviving your first year of teaching” 10:45-11:30 Exhibit Halls D-E

Saturday, November 23rd: BEST OF SCOLT, BEST OF LFLTA: The Great CI Umbrella 1:30-2:15 Room: 102B

I will be working at the Fluency Matters booth selling ALL the books so come by to buy buy buy! (Seriously though… they have some AMAZING conference specials going on and giveaways too… Don’t wait until Saturday night because it will be slim pickins….)

Then when I am NOT working or presenting, I will be trying to get in ALLLLL the personal PD I can. I am going to be using the Fluency Matters list of presentations that you can find here. 

Finally, I am hoping to go out and celebrate with several of the “familia loca” members who will be there! I get to talk to them every week on my LIVE Facebook group, it is such a treat when we get to meet in person!

La familia loca reunion at CI Midwest!

This week, so that I am not totally overwhelmed, I am going to write up a schedule for myself, hour by hour,  that lists my favorite sessions and one or two alternates in case I get there and it is too full. It is going to be an AMAZING weekend! Pack warm! I am bringing thick leggings and ordering a new sweater on amazon… Please come and give me a hug! I love meeting all of you who are so supportive of what I do!

I love you all so much! Until next time,



La Maestra Loca

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