Brain Breaks Part 18: Obstacle Courses!

Many of y’all who stalk my blog (THANK YOU! GRACIAS! MERCI! DANKE! XIE XIE!) have already read this Brain Breaks blog (or one very similar) so it will feel like dejavu!… I wrote this several months ago but deleted it and am republishing it slightly differently! (Thank you Christopher Sutherland!)

YouTube has tons of great Wii Fit videos which include characters sprinting through obstacle courses. They make for FANTASTIC brain breaks!


Here is a video of some of my presentation participants doing this at iFLT this year in St. Petersburg, FL!

  • Get students up, tell them to stand somewhere that they have their own bubble, meaning nobody should be in their space or within arms reach! (Deskless is bestest)
  • Pull up the video you want to use (have it preloaded)
  • Tell them to copy exactly what the guy in the video does
    • For added fun, yell out the actions in the TL as they’re running/jumping/sliding/falling/resting etc.

Extra tip… SPEED the videos up to 2 times speed. I do this every single time. It makes it way faster and therefore way more entertaining for you/ FUN for them!

If you’re not sure how to do that, here is a gif to teach you!… HAHA!

speed up.gif

Now, before you email me and ask for all the videos, I will share my favorites here, BUT, you can find LOADS more if you just search “Wii Fit Obstacle Course” in YouTube!

This one is HYSTERICAL….


Love y’all!

Until next time,



La Maestra Loca



  1. Did this today with my kiddos and they looooved it! Was not prepared to have my too cool for school year 7s up running and jumping! Made my day!

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