Y’all… I have been so excited and BUSY with my “announcement” that I’ve failed to actually BLOG about my big news!

I’ve started a new online, subscription based community for a very different kind of professional development! In this group (a Private Facebook page) I go Live! to share all of the things I am doing in my classroom and all the thoughts I have around building relationships and community, and best practices for the proficiency based classroom!


In the last 5 days I’ve gone live to share two major life hacks, talk about binders and journals, classroom set up, share a sneak peek of my classroom, talk about norming the class and how that has changed for me in the past year, talk about my goals for the year and establishing accountability partners, I talked about self-care, AND I killed a MASSIVE roach… ALL on this LIVE PD group! I’ve also shared a document to use in your first year of school. It has been a great adventure already and it is only going to get better once school starts.


If you love the ideas I share here, on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, I am confident you’ll love this new kind of LIVE! PD! We are already creating such a community since it is a small group, it feels awesome!

Of course this will be applicable to ALL world language teachers! I have 92 draft blogs and I wanted a way to get content and ideas to you SOONER then you waiting for me to sit down and write it up! This seemed like the perfect solution!

If you’re interested in learning more visit La Familia Loca PLC. This is the platform I am using to have people sign up, it will manage payments for me so I can focus on delivering you the content, and it is also where I post and share files and poll y’all to find out what I should blog about next! The opportunity will be open until August 10th at midnight. Then I will close the tier for a couple of months and when it comes back the price will go up!

I so hope you’ll join me! (us!)


Here is a little video to get you pumped up! 😉 Thanks to el esposo loco for helping me film it all! He is my champion!


Congrats to the winners of the drawing!

Tiffany Hernandez won a set of my circumlocution posters for her Spanish class

Lacey Lowe won a 30 minute CI Chat with me where we can talk about anything she’d like!

Kristen @lalobalista Wolf won an hour long coaching call with me!

ERIN FORD was the lucky winner of the year long subscription to LIVE! with La Loca, Online PD community!

Lots and lots of meetings “today”! I am super clever and am using the “schedule” post button so this will post in the morning even though it is late at night and I am on my couch with my Paul…

Love you ALL!

Happy Teaching!


La Maestra Loca


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