Valentine’s Day Plans!

I was looking through old lesson plans for ideas for Valentine’s day and remembered I wrote this epic blog documenting what I did in 2017!!!! Brilliant! Thank you self! I plan to use those same infographs again and I had TOTALLY forgotten about that “paste of love” video! SO good!  If you already did that, or want to change out the video, I would highly suggest using one of these two:

Another option is to use my FAVE song right now, “Robarte un beso” by Carlos Vives and stop throughout to tell the story of all of the different couples in the video… I swear EVERY time I watch this video I bawl… and it is NOT just the pregnancy hormones! Such sweet stories!

SO many options! Remember, it is always fun to point out that in MANY countries the day is about celebrating “friendships” not just partners and couples! I love that!

Have an awesome rest of your weekend y’all!!!

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