LIVE! with La Loca 2, 3, and 4

All of my Live! with La Maestra Loca videos are up on YouTube now! 🙂 you can still access them on my Facebook page, and see all the comments and links to blogs, but if FB is blocked and it is easier to view on YouTube, you have that option! Here they are!

For my 2nd LIVE! video, I spoke about the first week of school and what it looks like in elementary, middle and high school. It varied slightly from last year’s blog about the first year of school, but not too much!

In video 3, we discussed building RELATIONSHIPS and COMMUNITY within your CI classroom. If you do nothing else at the beginning of the year (all year) it should be build relationships with your students. Here is how.

Today, the 2nd of September, I spoke about building Cheer squads in the communities around you! Our jobs are so much more enjoyable and they are EASIER, when we are surrounded by people who not only support us but really KNOW what it is we do! 🙂

Next week, I will speak about using VIDEOS as vehicles for personalization. I can’t wait! I really love doing these LIVE because:

  1. I don’t have to prepare anything
  2. I LOVE the Live interaction with y’all!
  3. It is like a TON of valuable blogging but I just have to talk! 🙂

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Have an awesome weekend and enjoy your labor day!

Until next time,



La Maestra Loca