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Quick. VERY short. Rapid blog post…. This may in fact be, the shortest blog I’ve ever written.


I have had 3 people in the last month tell me that they wished I had more videos than just what I post on my blog. GAH! Y’all… I have a YouTube channel!!!!! With over 150 videos!!!!! and I am posting more and more every week!!!! SUBSCRIBE to it. It will make my videos pop up on your feed when I do something new! It is my best form of reflection on my own teaching and if it helps give you good ideas for your classroom or just makes you feel better to see that I struggle with the same issues you do, then YAY! But seriously, I have SO many more videos than just those I post here. The short link for the channel is : but it is also linked throughout this paragraph! YAY!


Y’all…. I told you that the number one reason for participating in this conference was the opportunity to take unlimited screenshots of me making awkward faces during my 5 presentations. They are glorious (the faces) and seemingly never ending. ONLY A FEW OF YOU HAVE ACTUALLY TAKEN FULL ADVANTAGE OF THIS OPPORTUNITY!!! Granted… some of you may be screenshotting them and just printing them off at the local Walgreens to hang on your classroom walls…. BUT I have seen VERY few on Social Media…. So… I am going to encourage more…

If you take a screenshot of one of my Comprehensible Online presentations with me with an exceptionally awkward face, then put it on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook with the hashtags #lamaestraloca and #comprehensibleonline, you’ll be entered into a drawing to win a 30 minute Skype convo with me (to talk about all things CI, a specific observation or struggle you’re having in your classroom, or just magic and all things unicorns) OR any Song of the Month or Legend Unit from my Teachers Pay Teachers page (sorry, they are just in Spanish for now…) To make it even more interesting, I will give you ONE entry PER post/photo! Sarah Downey of Culture Corner is  killing it with 5 entries already! #justsayin

That’s all I have for now! So get to subscribin’ and get to screenshottin’!

Until next time,



La Maestra Loca



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