LOTS of Class Videos!!!! YAYYY!

This isn’t a full-blown blog but I wanted to link to some videos that I have been posting! 🙂 I love that it is a real window into my classroom! Management, brain breaks, brain bursts, EVERYTHING!


I have been having SO much fun with my 5th period. It is made up of 10 students who have NEVER taken a language before and 3 kiddos who joined an ADVANCED CI Spanish class last year as BRAND new students (there was NOTHING else that worked for their schedule so it was either that or NO language at all) they were pretty lost all year, poor babies. These two videos were taken on the same day (one of them has a SUPER disastrous videographer but the content was fun) I like these because it shows how I do non-targeted CI with a BRAND new group of students. This is the 6th day they’ve had Spanish CI:

part 2:

In my higher level, completely non-targeted the other day, I had planned to start talking about “El Mismo Sol” and instead we became totally side tracked when I asked the kids what their favorite songs were and somehow we got to talking about Jake Paul. They educated me on what a horrible person they think he is.

They then assigned ME homework… I had to go home and watch his video “everyday bro” Oh my gosh… I think my eyes exploded…. My brain did for sure…. and  I vomited in my mouth….I recorded this for them to watch as their do now the next day….(all about how much I DISLIKED the video… and Paul (my fiancé, who the kids are obsessed with, too)

I have recently been posting fun Snapchat videos on my Instagram and Google Classroom for students to watch as their DO NOW or their HOMEWORK or even just for fun to be able to communicate with them on the weekend. I uploaded two of them to my YouTube channel. I use Splice to put all the Snaps together in one video:

We have been having SO much fun with our song of the month. I like to do a variety of different activities with the same resource so that no one class is the same. Our song of the month is El Mismo Sol. Though today, we reviewed last year’s La Bicicleta (mini unit here) in one class and Soy Yo in another.


I have had so much success teaching Martina’s free PPT on “La Paz empieza contigo” (I think she has it in French too) Peace begins with YOU. We have had DEEP meaningful conversations in between silly regular non-targeted CI stuff. ALL 100% in the TL!! I am annoyed I didn’t start filming sooner. Oh well! Lesson learned:

Finally, I wanted to share with you a SHORT Sub Plan video… I went to my cousin’s beautiful wedding in Oregon recently and I left this video for my lower level class. The “packet” I talked about in the end was made up of questions they had to answer ABOUT the video. So they ended up listening to it over and over. For my upper levels I recorded snapchats the WHOLE time I was at the wedding and then made a 20 minute video that they watched and they answered questions as they went and then for the rest of the class they had to write up a story individually ONLY IN SPANISH about WHAT else happened on my vacation that I didn’t say…. my favorite story was one that an 8th grader wrote about Paul swimming in the river and his foot getting attacked by a fish who ate three of his toes but then we ate pizza afterwards and slept under the stars…. Sounds perfect to me!

OK! There you have it!

I hope you’re all having a great week! FRIDAY TOMORROW! I mean today…. OH MY GOSH IT IS 1:30 IN THE MORNING!!!!?!?!?!?!?! GOODNESS ME!!!!



Until next time,



La Maestra Loca

A student asked me if I had switched my allegiance to the #Saints yet… I laughed and then showed up to school like this the next day…. Just in case he had any doubts left about where my loyalties lie and where they will ALWAYS be…. #BleedOrangeandBlue #GOBroncos!

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