Welcome! I am so happy you’re here!

Wherever you are on your teaching journey, I am excited to join you and be your cheerleader, thought partner, coach and mentor! Whether you’re looking to add more Brain Breaks and movement to your classes, aspiring to teach with more Acquisition Driven Instruction and looking for activities that maximize compelling comprehensible input, or striving for a positive classroom culture where all students feel seen, heard, loved, valued, and supported, this is the place for you!

¡HOLA! Bonjour! Ni hao! Bora da! Osiyo!

In the summer of 2016, in a small classroom in Chattanooga, TN during the iFLT conference I discovered something I never knew about myself. I am equally passionate about inspiring and encouraging World Language Teachers as I am teaching my own students in my Spanish class!

I am a real teacher. Just like you. I am “making the donuts”. Our job is NOT easy, in fact, I am quite certain that there are very few professions more mentally and emotionally challenging than ours. Yet, here we are, and here YOU are! Whether you’re here for a few ideas, some encouragement, inspiration, motivation, or just because you need a little more “loca” in your vida, I am glad you’re here!

I help teachers unlock the JOY of teaching and acquiring languages through acquisition driven instruction. I help teachers rediscover their incredible passion for sharing their love of language and culture with their students!

Brain Breaks are my fave. I am part Unicorn and teach with 29 pet unicorns in my class. I am a boy mommy, and AtDat (step-mommy) to a remarkable little girl. I am a wife to a hunky, tattooed, motorcycle-riding, barbering husband (#freehaircutsforlife). Traveling ignites my soul, and I believe dandelions are flowers NOT weeds.

I can’t wait to know more about YOU! How can I support YOU on your language teaching journey?

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