Brain Breaks part 30: Giant, Fairy, Wizard!

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of presenting TWICE on Brain Breaks and their incredibly powerful ability to create community, boost engagement, and increase JOY! 

I was attending LFLTA in Natchitoches, Louisiana, and I presented a session with some of my favorite NEW Brain Breaks (most of which I haven’t had the chance to blog about yet), and I also presented to teachers in Spain who are part of  Hélène Colinet’s Mastermind

One of the Brain Breaks we used during the presentation (because let’s be real, sitting in an hour-long lecture is hard… we need Brain Breaks too!) was Giant, Fairy, Wizard! I adapted this to be a Brain Break from a theatre game I LOVED playing when I coached and directed at various schools. 

If you’re wondering if it is a novel twist on my beloved rock-paper-scissors, then you’re right!!! It is!! 

How to Play Giant, Fairy, Wizard!

  • Before you get students to stand, ask one student to come model at the front with you.
  • Model what giant looks like (hands over your head, make your body BIG, and your face menacing).

  • Next, Model what a fairy looks like (flap your arms or hands like they’re wings at your side).

  • Model what a wizard looks like (angle your body and cast a spell towards your opponent with an imaginary want).

  • Next, face the student you’re modeling it with and together, jump up and down saying “uno, dos, tres, ¡DALE!” (or whatever you usually say for rock paper scissors) then land in one of those three forms.
  • Follow this image for who beats who (Feel free to post this image in class when you introduce the Brain Break to students)

  • Fairy beats wizard (they’re so fast they dodge their spells)
  • Wizard beats giant (their strong curses are faster than the slow moving giants)
  • Giant beats fairy (they can stomp on them ???)

I whipped this one out last week as a refresher, and a few students looked a bit confused and lost, but within seconds they were caught up thanks to my Brain Break Ninja! 

What is a Brain Break Ninja?

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Before I go, here’s a video of my Middle School students from last year playing giant, fairy, wizard! Enjoy!

Sending lots of love! Happy Teaching!

La Maestra Loca

(At home with my sicky boy today)