Y’all… I probably should’ve taken a second to blog about this over break but I barely opened my computer AT ALL sooooo #NoREGRETS! I’m here NOW, to tell you about a great PD opportunity that’s happening THIS WEEKEND! and guess what?! It is FREE!!!!

My dear friend Devon, who is part of my familia loca, is putting on a conference called Practical and Comprehensible and it is 3 days of advice, tips, tricks, strategies and more from ROCKSTAR people (most of whom are TEACHERS in the CLASSROOM) and it is ALL “practical” so you can start using it in your classrooms immediately.

I was really open when it came to “what” she wanted me to present, and she said that the most beneficial thing that’s helped her in my PLC group, is when I share a mini unit or lesson plan and walk teachers through every step of my own plan, bit by bit. So for the first time ever, I am doing a presentation, where I am LITERALLY walking teachers through every piece of my lesson, from start to finish… I am calling it “Every Little Step”! It was the easiest and most comfortable I’ve ever felt recording a presentation because I just got to talk about the lesson I had taught the day before to my virtual students and two days prior to my in person kiddos! Plus, I am confident it is LOADED with awesome stuff you can start using next week! My presentation is on Saturday because it is the second day of the conference which is all about Practical strategies to use in the classroom to deliver highly compelling and comprehensible input for acquisition! Day one is all about the WHY, (but still loaded with tips, tricks and resources), and day three (Sunday) is all about tools for assessment! WAHOOO!!!

The free option will release the presentations each morning and they’ll be available for viewing for 24 hours. If you’re like me and know that likely won’t get to them all in that 24 hours, there are two optional upgrades that allow life time access, as well as include other bonus resources, presentations, and materials. After registering with this link you’ll see those options, the All Access Pass, or the Launch Pad Bonus.

So, I know that there’s already a TON of you signed up, but on the off hand chance there are still a few of you out there in the community who didn’t know about the conference I thought I would throw it out there into the internets so you can join! If you sign up with my link, I will get a small commission, I just want to be transparent that they are affiliate links. 🦄💜🤟🏻

Sending you ALL the love! Especially to those of you who went back to school today. If you weren’t ready to go back, know you weren’t alone… I was SO NOT READY! 🤪🤣

Until next time,

Stay safe, happy, well, and sane,


La Maestra Loca

P.S. (I FINALLY started my sleeve!!!)


  1. Devon

    I’m so excited to have you share your genius! And that sleeve looks awesome!

  2. Apaestegui, Ursula

    Will certificates of attendance be provided for attendees?

    Ursula Apaestegui World Language Teacher Brady Middle School Pepper Pike, OH

    • I would imagine so… I am sure you can reach out to Devon after you register and inquire. She is very responsive!

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