SunSational Summer 2020

Hello teacher!

Your summer should be sacred! Did you know that? Do you know that THIS summer in particular, should be more sacred than ever!? It is more important NOW than EVER to rest, rejuvenate and re-fill our cups! This means stepping away from our computers and our “work” and really letting our hair down! This means finding JOY in every day and making it a point to disconnect from how crazy the end of this year has been!

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I AM SO STINKING EXCITED BECAUSE…. I HAVE CREATED A CHALLENGE FOR ALL OF US! I want as MANY people to take part in it as possible. My #selfcarechallenge has been AWESOME for me because it has helped keep me accountable to ONE day per week where I don’t work AT ALL! This challenge is a little bit different! I want to make sure we are kicking off our summers right! I am doing this on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, and if you’re not a social media person, THAT IS OK! You can participate WITHOUT any of that! Check it out!

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We will start on the 15th of June and we will share WHO we are and what we love MOST about summer and then every day there after for 2 weeks, I have a challenge for you! A challenge to help you get the MOST out of the beginning of your summer!

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The best part of this!? We will have HUNDREDS of accountability partners doing this with us around the world! Hundreds of teachers (and others who just want to participate because they’re my friends and family! OR YOURS TOO!) will be posting, sharing the picnics they’re going on, the forts they’re building, the beaches they’re visiting, the naps they’re taking, the music they’re listening to, the recipes they’re trying, the books they’re reading and more!

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I am RIDICULOUSLY ecstatic about this…. I dreamed it up last night when I was giving Memphis a bath and basking in his JOY of just SPLASHING AND SPLASHING in the water like it was the BEST thing in this HISTORY of the world… and I thought, GAH! Teachers NEED this… they NEED a break to find the JOY in things like splashing in water! haha! We need a chance to let go, smile, and truly rest after this challenging, quite honestly, traumatic year.

So! There you have it! I hope hope HOPE you’ll join me! I know I am sharing this EARLY but I want to give you a heads up, and I want as many teachers as possible to be able to participate, since so many are teaching late! Mid-June seemed like a great time to start!

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I love you, dear teacher, and I care about your physical, mental, and emotional health! Let’s do this together!

I can’t even WAIT!


La Maestra Loca

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